Christmas is Here!

Starting December 1st, strap on your comfy walking shoes and get ready to fend for yourself in those crowded malls and department stores!  It's not easy looking for the proper gift for anyone no matter how much you know and love them...  At Eat. Cakes, we know the best way to avoid the shopping frenzy and keep the holidays diplomatic is by giving the gift of sweets!  No one can resist desserts around this time of year!  Order your special treats today!  We can totally personalize them...




Folks, Thanksgiving is just around the corner...  how about some sweets to adorn your harvest dinner table?  Let's celebrate the coming of autumn with some spicy treats!  Pumpkin, carrots and cinnamon anyone?  How about some ghoulish cupcake characters?



September is Now the New June!

Yes...  We know, it's already October but couldn't resist putting up wedding pics to bring some warmth to the autumn chill in the air!  Makes you wanna bake in your wedding dress... 



Personalize Your Cake!

Ever wish you could put your face on a cake?  Ever wish you could take a poster from your wall and turn that into a cake?  How about a painting?  Cartoon or comic book character?  We can certainly put anything you want on a cake if you let us!  So, just let us....




Celebrate babies with the perfect baby shower cake!  We'll bake it!


Weddings Cont'd

We're happy to help you celebrate your special day!



Eat. Cakes loves weddings, don't you?  It goes without saying that planning them can be rather stressful!  Why not de-stress and let us help you with everything?  We'll take care of your cake (be it engagement, shower or wedding) and we can take care of your flowers, seat covers, photography, DJ and videographer.  Eat. Cakes has plenty of resources to to lead you into the right direction!  Contact us for a free consultation or quote:  eatcakesandcatering@gmail.com.


Celebrate with Little Cakes!

Ever feel like you want to be young again?  Ever feel like hosting your own little tea party?  Perhaps you're celebrating something extra special and want your guests to take some of that special moment home with them...  Order some petit fors from Eat. Cakes and you can do just that!  Contact us at eatcakesandcatering@gmail.com and you can have these sweet cakes adorn your table during tea time, baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays...  you name it!


Eat a Cupcake Day!

This June's main focus is on cupcakes...  You know, those little unassuming cakes that we've all grown up with?  Well, they've come a long way since Betty Crocker and I'm proud to say that Eat. Cakes has been one of many participants to bring this retro treat back around!  In fact, cupcakes have been flying out of the oven since this May and don't stick around long enough to cool off... Popular flavours include:  Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry and Hawaiian Tropic.  Why wait to for a celebration to enjoy a piece of cake?  Celebrate each day with a little taste of goodness!


Just givin' her a little test drive...
Hello All!

Eat. Cakes is new to the blog world!  Thank you for the warm welcome and allow me to introduce myself and my talent to you...

Eat. Cakes is a place where magical sweet delights come into fruition to satisfy even the most discriminating sweet tooth.  Please peruse at your own risk as I don't want you to drool all over your keyboard...

Hello World!

We've just moved in and are currently unpacking and setting up...